Past Events

VGP Coach Paul Oetinger and three of our vets played the local  Rancho Murieta Golf Course as guests of the course. It has become a regular occurrence that local courses and tournaments invite our vets to play AT NO COST! 


The 2021 Veterans Golf Tournament has been blessed with a donation from Bat-Caddy.


A 2021 Bat-Caddy X4R - Titanium Silver / Standard Lithium Battery. With the following accessories: Sport GPS & Smart Phone Holder, Cooler & Accessory Bag, Caddy Clip, Deluxe Cotton Golf Towel and Caddy Seat Assembly - X4 Series. The retail value is $1,264.70


The men and women of the Veterans’ Golf Program offer their sincere appreciation to the ownership of BAT-CADDY

Bat-Caddy Electric Golf Caddy