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2021 7th Annual VGP Golf Tournament 1st Place Team

(John Carr, Wayne Sleppy, Bill Nickels, Frank Bartell)

VGP Coach Paul Oetinger and three of our vets played the local  Rancho Murieta Golf Course as guests of the course. It has become a regular occurrence that local courses and tournaments invite our vets to play AT NO COST! 


The 2021 Veterans Golf Tournament has been blessed with a donation from Bat-Caddy.


A 2021 Bat-Caddy X4R - Titanium Silver / Standard Lithium Battery. With the following accessories: Sport GPS & Smart Phone Holder, Cooler & Accessory Bag, Caddy Clip, Deluxe Cotton Golf Towel and Caddy Seat Assembly - X4 Series. The retail value is $1,264.70


The men and women of the Veterans’ Golf Program offer their sincere appreciation to the ownership of BAT-CADDY

Bat-Caddy Electric Golf Caddy
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