A California-based program that fosters the physical and mental well-being of our military veterans through the medium of golf.


Put simply, VGP's priorities for its members are, in order: food, shelter, transportation, and, of course, referrals for such medical and psychiatric services as they may need. The veterans' needs are assessed organically through stress-free fellowship as they learn the rules, etiquette and techniques of golf. There are no charges for participants, who are coached by a staff of volunteers and, in many cases, provided the equipment they need.

As the veterans reveal their challenges, the program provides for their physical requirements and refers them as needed to the wide variety of counseling and advising services available in the Sacramento area.  VGP has provided everything from groceries to tableware to furniture for veterans with short-term struggles. In more pressing cases, the program has provided bridge financing to cover rent or cleaning deposits for vets moving into safe housing, and it has provided reliable cars for vets needing transportation to work or college.


Our Part

The Veterans Golf Program currently serves approximately 200 men and women veterans of the United States armed forces. The program provides golf equipment, including golf bags, clubs, balls, and clothing, frequently through the generosity of golf equipment companies and local golfers. Mather Golf Course in Rancho Cordova is VGP's host, where the general manager has provided use of the course's facilities, range balls for our participants and occasional free golf.



A major VGP fund-raiser is an annual  golf tournament, being held this year on October 13, 2021 at Mather Golf Course in Rancho Cordova, CA.


This year will be an 18 hole, 4 person scramble. CLICK HERE for more details.

VGP Proudly Supports
End homelessness for Veterans in Sacramento County.


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