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The money you donate to the Veterans’ Golf Program allows us to do the following:

• Re-grip the used clubs we provide our veterans

• Purchase shirts and hats to give us a team appearance

• Purchase bottled water and other electrolyte drinks for the summer workouts

• Purchase golf training aids for our coaches to use with the vets

• Provide incentive gifts, such as ball mark fixing tools, golf balls, towels, tees, etc.

• Purchase a once a year major gift to award attendance, i.e. golf bags, rain gear, shoes,

• Allows us to take field trips occasionally to golf courses our vets might not be able to

• Give back to Mather VA Hospital for the services they’ve provided our vets. Potential projects discussed with the hospital administration include, but are not limited to, seed and tools for the vegetable garden developed by PTSD Rehab patients, artwork, courtesy packages for inpatient veterans with lotion, playing cards, back scratchers, combs, and other personal items.

Thank you for your donation. The Veterans' Golf Program is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization 
ID# 81-1720496 . Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
Your generous, tax deductible donation to the VPG. enables us to help many veterans and their families suffering from post traumatic stress disorders and other service connected disabilities.

 Samples of Where Your Support Has Helped:

  • Equipment: Grips & Clubs, Team Building Uniforms (Shirts & Hats), Golf Bags, Instructional Aids

  • Golf Outings:​ Mather Golf Course, Bradshaw Ranch & Other Venues

  • Tournaments