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Your generous, tax deductible donation to the VPG enables us to help many veterans and their families suffering from post traumatic stress disorders and other service connected disabilities.

Thank you for your donation.
How We've Helped Veterans

Through the Veterans’ Golf Program many of the needs and physical requirements of our veterans are revealed. The stress-free fellowship that the game of golf provides our participants helps to introduce our veterans to the wide variety of counseling and advising services available to them, as well as access to programs for food, safe housing, transportation, even financial assistance during times of need. Since there is no cost to the veteran participants, we ask for your assistance with donations of money, golf equipment or sponsorship.



Some Examples of Where Your Support Has Helped:

  • Equipment: Grips & Clubs, Team Building Uniforms (Shirts & Hats), Golf Bags, Instructional Aids

  • Golf Outings:​ Mather Golf Course, Bradshaw Ranch & Other Venues

  • Tournaments



The money you donate to the Veterans’ Golf Program allows us to do the following:

• Re-grip the used clubs we provide our veterans.

• Purchase shirts and hats to give us a team appearance.

• Purchase bottled water and other electrolyte drinks for the summer workouts.

• Purchase golf training aids for our coaches to use with the vets.

• Provide incentive gifts, such as ball mark fixing tools, golf balls, towels, tees, etc.

• Purchase a once a year major gift to award attendance, i.e. golf bags, rain gear, shoes, etc.

• Allows us to take field trips occasionally to golf courses our vets might not be able to take.

• Give back to Mather VA Hospital for the services they’ve provided our vets. Potential projects discussed with the hospital administration include, but are not limited to, seed and tools for the vegetable garden developed by PTSD Rehab patients, artwork, courtesy packages for inpatient veterans with lotion, playing cards, back scratchers, combs, and other personal items.

Donate your unused golf equipment to the VGP
We welcome donations of used and new golf equipment. In addition, we would like to hear from possible event sponsors, course managers, and those interested in promoting their businesses through donations of hats, shirts and golf supplies, as well as tournament gifts and awards.

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Bat-Caddy Electric Golf Caddy

The 2020 Veterans Golf Tournament has been blessed with a donation from Bat-Caddy.


A 2020 Titanium Silver X4R Remote Control Electric Golf Caddy that also includes the following accessories: 12V 25Ah R4 remote controlled cart with Lithium Battery, Sport GPS & Smart Phone Holder, Cooler & Accessory Bag, and Caddy Seat Assembly. It’s retail value is $1,334.80.


The men and women of the Veterans’ Golf Program offer their sincere appreciation to the ownership of BAT-CADDY



On November 6, 2019 representatives from Amazon Sacramento visited our weekly practice session.  The representatives interacted with many of our vets.  What the vets of the Veterans’ Golf Program didn’t realize was that Amazon was about to blow our minds!


Toward the end of practice, the folks from Amazon asked us to gather for a photo op.  After thoughtful words were exchanged and our vets were recognized for their sacrifices in service to our country, Amazon presented our Director, Joe Neff, with a check for $15,000!


What an amazing day!  This gift allowed us to serve the many needs of the Greater Sacramento disabled veterans population.  So much good has been done with this generous gift. THANK YOU, AMAZON!!!!!!!

The veterans of the Veterans’ Golf Program were truly surprised by the gift.  Their reactions in the photo say it all.

The Paragolfer
is a cart which allows
a person with disabilities
to stand and hit a golf ball. We had one donated to our program.
Value about $31k.
Local television covered
the presentation.