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My name is Ann, I'm an original member of the "Veterans Golf Team" which started approximately 6 plus years ago with 6 members and has grown to well over 100 members. Being involved with other veteran groups, I can say without a doubt this program has been the most enjoyable, beneficial and meaningful program that I've witnessed. Having a close rapport with the majority of the members, I know I'm speaking for them also! This is Family!!!  Endless thanks to Col. Neff and his associates for this wonderful program.

The VGP means a tremendous amount to me. Week after week we get help from the best PGA golf coaches along with the other five coaches we have.  This is is all thanks to the mastermind, the cornerstone of our program; he is the wings of the angel that our program is. We are given one on one help week after week. They help us with our putting, chipping and hitting of the balls on the driving range. They point out the good and the bad in our performance; they are the best.  Sometimes I just like to hit the ball as hard as I can. Just smash that ball.  It releases any tension, frustration, and anger I have. Just smash it! I find it good for my soul. I’ve gotten to play tournaments at a handful of beautiful golf courses. The program has improved

my handicap from a 20+ to a 16. Through this, I’ve also had the opportunity to meet some of the

best brothers this country has to offer.

We also play tournaments. I got to go to Reno for three days and stay at the Sands Casino,

all meals included and with no expense to us. It was a two-person scramble but I had the chance

to meet  three other brothers that I had a great time with. Having the multi day tournament was so great because it really gave us the time to get to know each other and have lots of fun. We also always have

a great time at our own Mather golf course tournaments. Our home tournament funds the uniforms

we wear proudly. I’m sure every other member of the Veterans Golf Program can agree with me when

I say that this program has changed my life for the better. Patrick

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